Places In NYC Every Thrill Seeker Should Know Of


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New York City is often viewed as a place where people live fast. In fact, life in NYC is probably faster than anywhere in the world; however, this is because people always have somewhere to be, and almost never have a moment to themselves. Needless to say, this can take a lot of the thrill out of one’s life. When your daily routine becomes a rush of going to work and back home, there isn’t much thrill to be had. However, thrill-seekers considering visiting NYC should know that NYC has quite a few thrills to offer. We have put together a list of places in NYC every thrill seeker should know of in order to help convince you that New York City, besides the way of life, is a thrilling place to be.

Jet Ski on the Hudson River

We’ve seen the New York City skyline from all sorts of different angles, from the highest point to the lowest. As such, a lot of people might not find it terribly exciting. However, viewing the skyline while on the Hudson River is an entirely new experience. And, of course, you get to do it at high speeds, while also having the chance to visit other locations. Namely, The Statue of Liberty, Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, and all from down below on the waterline. Besides the amazing views, you will get to experience the thrill of a driving a jet ski down the famous Hudson River. However, when visiting New York City for this or any other exciting thing, you should try to make travel a little bit easier for yourself. After all, you need to plan ahead to get to NYC before you can experience it.

Riding a jet ski on the Hudson River offers a whole new perspective on NYC views.

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New York Surf School

Sticking with the aquatic theme for now, the New York Surf School is located on Rockaway Beach, only 60 minutes or so away from Manhattan. While it is also an ideal place to go for a cool dip, it offers some of the largest waves New York sees. Additionally, it has rolling waves which are ideal for newbies and children. The New York Surf School offers classes year-round, for any thrill seeker who wants to experience a new thrill. And, of course, this means that the pros can experience the larger waves year-round as well. However, for anyone visiting NYC, you should keep a close eye on your belongings. Sometimes, you shouldn’t trust your hotel room. As such, the best option for keeping your belongings safe is to rent a storage unit during your stay, and It’s best to find a unit close to your hotel.

Helicopter ride around Manhattan

We’ve already mentioned experiencing the NYC skyline from a new angle, but now we’re going in the other direction. If you want to experience the skyline from the air, then you’ll be glad to know that Helicopter rides around Manhattan are quite accessible. You can get 12 minutes in the air, during which you will experience the best views on Manhattan. Central Park, the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty are only a few views you will see. This might not seem exciting at first glance, but we promise it’s an experience you won’t forget. However, while renting a helicopter for 12 minutes is rather accessible, you should be careful when booking a stay in NYC. The problem with hotel review sites is something not a lot of people know, and you should be aware of this before coming to any sort of decision regarding where you stay.

A helicopter ride around Manhattan offers a brand-new angle on the sights of NYC.

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Trapeze School New York

Another of the places in NYC every thrill seeker should know of is the Trapeze school. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a trapeze artist? Well, you can find out quite easily for as low as $35 in NYC. You can choose between different skill levels, ranging from newbie to expert, and always expect a challenge. You can experience what it’s like to fly through the air just like the best trapeze artists do. If you want some extra thrill, you can also opt into trampoline tutorials and silks classes. All in all, t’s an experience which is sure to thrill even the most experienced adrenaline junkies. However, experts from Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC note that you should keep all of your valuables in a safe place while experiencing the thrills of NYC. Things can easily get misplaced when having fun, so always take extra care.

Black River, white water rafting

When it comes to serious thrills, it doesn’t get better than white water rafting at the nearest rapids to New York City. White water rafting is the perfect choice for hardened adrenaline junkies because it combines danger and fun. Forcing yourself to dig in and out of rapids will give you the feeling of fighting against nature. However, rapids can be dangerous at the best of times, so white water rafting definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. In NYC specifically, the Black River Gorge offers a massive area to experience this activity in. And while the Black River adventure definitely isn’t for everyone, anyone looking for excitement won’t be disappointed with this experience. Still, when visiting NYC, it’s to know some tips for booking an airport transfer, if you’re visiting from another state. Missing out on adventures because of a missed flight is a real shame, after all.

There are few experiences in the world as thrilling as white water rafting on the Black River Gorge.

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Places in NYC every thrill seeker should know of – wrap up

While life in NYC is a constant rush which can wash away all sorts of thrill and excitement, the city still has quite a lot of thrilling activities to offer to anyone willing to experience them. Any visitor coming to New York City looking for thrill and excitement can find it quite easily, as long they know where to look. Even old sights which we’ve seen hundreds of times can seem completely new when seen at a new angle, after all. We hope this list of places in NYC every thrill seeker should know of helps you find the excitement you are looking for, and we wish you a good day.

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