The Problem with Hotel Review Sites and How to Avoid Being Hoodwinked


It has become increasingly difficult to pin down the perfect vacation accommodations due to the sheer saturation within the hospitality industry: there are upwards of a quarter-million hotels and resorts spread throughout the world and that number is only going to continue to grow.

But the more obscured problem lies in the online review community, which has transformed into a breeding ground for embellished advertisements, overstated promotions, retouched photographs, and deceptive descriptions, which are a huge issue when taking into account the fact that 80% of international travellers prefer conducting accommodation research online as opposed to contacting a travel agent.

The Truth of the Matter

Even though these deceitful practices are widespread and pervasive throughout many of the most popular hotel aggregators, many people continue putting full faith in these reviews without taking a closer look at the facts:

  • Hotel review websites usually don’t require reviewers to provide proof of stay prior to submitting a testimonial.
  • Freelance reviewing is becoming a very lucrative gig as writers can earn up to €10 per submission.
  • Some reviewers submit up to 50 reviews per 48 hours.
  • According to a Cornell University study, nine out of ten people cannot distinguish fake reviews from real ones.
  • Almost 15% of the accommodation reviews on a popular review site were submitted in less than 60 seconds.
  • Many hotels spend exorbitant amounts of money on procuring airbrushed pictures and embroidered descriptions.

Avoiding the Lies

The easiest way to avail yourself of the truth without any of the hype is to establish a membership with a reputable luxury travel review organisation such as Luxury Bared, for instance. These professional travel experts take vacation evaluation to the next level:

  • Impartial Reviews: There are no pay-for-play agreements, freelance writers, fake pictures, or falsified testimonials; all of the reviewers have actually been to the listed destinations.
  • Expert ReviewforceFrom former hospitality consultants and aviation counsellors to retired hotel executives, PR specialists, cruise advisors, and resort sales directors, each first-hand account is handcrafted by some of the most knowledgeable travellers in the entire world. These seasoned adventurers specialise reviewing luxury hotels, cruises, and airlines – the “big three,” as it were.
  • Wide Range of Target Destinations: Regardless of whether you wish to learn more about European hotspots such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece or alternative holiday sites such as Thailand, Dubai, Morocco, Australia, and Peru, you will be able to access an incredible assortment of reviews and professional travel advice.
  • Lucrative Membership: Free room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, spa credits, dining discounts, high-speed Wi-Fi access, and inclusive conveyance solutions are just some of the exclusive extras that you’ll gain access to with a dedicated membership.
  • Comprehensive Booking Platform: Arguably the best feature of these luxury review organisations is the ability to facilitate your entire booking process directly on the website. From the idea and research phase to the hotel, cruise, and/or flight reservation, you’ll be able to complete the entire routine with a single trusted service provider.

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