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Mumbai is a city where one can stay up till early dawn to enjoy the buffet of options available in the metropolitan city ranging from teenagers to people aging between 20’s and 50’s. It is a city that never sleeps. In Mumbai, you can actually spot people on the streets having a good time during late hours of night. Honestly, it isn’t just about the mansions and the studios or the big celebs; it’s much more than that. But, whenever you feel like visiting the place and want to get to your toes to dance away the night; you must have an eye at what the NIGHTLIFE OF MUMBAI has in store for you!


You haven’t done ‘MUMBAI’ till you have rolled your eyes over the exotic experience of Marine Drive. It’s the best experience to feel the sound of the waves splash around you . To sit and stare at the sky, to feel the warmth of the fresh cool breeze with a not so overcrowded surroundings is the best option one looks when it comes to experience peace . Marine drive is the favourite place for people to spend some quality time with their loved ones without visiting any expensive hotel.


A great way to get familiar with the Mumbai’s history is to get in on one of the many heritage walks; The Gateway of India. This prestigious site of Mumbai can never be missed. Gateway of India is an amazing place for enjoying nightlife of India. The famous Irani cafes and restaurants lighten up the mood to taste the different cuisines that are available. The never ending experience of the routes and learning about the past is one main reason to calm the eagerness of the tourists who come to experience and learn about different things in and around the city .Enjoy an ice cream and walking over the gateway is never too boring.


You must have heard about the party places in MUMBAI. Obviously, if the city is known for its nightlife, then it covers a whole lot portion of clubs and pubs. The best thing about this city is that it suits everyone’s pocket ranging from cheapest to the most expensive pubs, bars to enjoy the night at the fullest. If you’re a party freak and have a keen interest for entertainment; picking up wine, glasses of beers and dancing on toes with the topmost Dj’s, enjoying the stage performances with a night full of entertainment, then this place is for you. The tickets are quite expensive over the weekends than the weekdays as the majority party over the weekends.


Who says Mumbai is all about partying? There are a huge number of adventurous and thriller things for the picky people who go crazy for adventure. The midnight cycling tour gives a way lot fun to see the city on wheels. There are a bunch of people who travel on their bicycles and bikes for the ride to admire the citylights of the crazy city driving through the Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and many more. This is the most delightful and splendid midnight fun to the last stop at Bandra unveiling the beautiful city. Parasailing, yes you read that correct; Parasailing happens at midnight. You can avail the service to the enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city in midnight.

Mumbai is the hub of social platform; from business tours to tourists, every single person enjoys what the city has developed in ages. Even the singles experience the beauty and the uncountable options, the city has in store in it. The citylights , the juhu beach, to the heritage, to bollywood entertainment ,to so on ; makes the city a must watch place.

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