Olson’s Views On Annapolis Labor Day Regatta


Norman Olson got accustomed to sailing off Annapolis during his stay in the San Francisco Bay area. He, along with his crew flew across the country to be a part of the sailing school in J world Annapolis run by Jahn Tihansky.

When Olson shifted to Philadelphia, he exactly knew he would continue his career in a sailboat race. Annapolis in considered as the Mecca to sail in the whole of America as per Olson.
He told the plainsailing website that there was no way he would go to race on the Chesapeake Bay. Olson feels the competition in Annapolis is stronger and keeps you going. In fact, it cannot be matched with any other place.
Olson did race a Farr patterned Beneteau 42.7 at San Francisco Bay and performed brilliantly in the Big Boat Series in addition to other big regattas for many years. Olson has raced on the Chesapeake Bay for close to a decade and recently posted his best victory to date which led to Qa2 in 1st place in PHRF A2 class during the 5th Annual Annapolis Labor Day Competition.
Olson said he knew nothing as far as the City of Annapolis Trophy goes. Well, it did come to him as a big surprise when he realized he was won it. He had gone to drop one of his crew to the airport and as a result, he could not be a part of the awards function.
Olson was proud of himself and his crew for doing such a brilliant job. He felt so elated that he and his team could achieve a 1st and 2nd place in one of the most competitive categories. There is no denying that Monkey Dust is one of the best sailed boats when compared to others. Leonard raced to the boat and enjoyed being with the crew to an extent that he joined them whenever he could. Olson felt so fortunate to have Larry Leonard as his navigator and tactician as he has the skill to trim the main independently.

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