Viharamahadevi Park A Shady Oasis in the City


Despite it being a small country, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo is a busy city, bursting with life and activity. The city is kept beautiful with well maintained greenery, from grand old trees lining the streets, to colourful flowers and interesting plants. Yet travellers to the country when visiting this city may want a place to head over to for relaxation, an oasis from this city life. For this they will find that Viharamahadevi Park is the perfect place to stop over at, as it is a beautiful site and a true getaway from the activity all around.

The park was originally called Victoria Park following the countries colonial rule and later was renamed Viharamahadevi Park after one of the countries own local queens, who was the mother of one of the country’s best known ancient rulers. The majesty in its name is reflected in the environment, as the premises is definitely a favourite among all. Surrounded by various trees and other fauna and home to various colourful butterflies and birds, it is a peaceful location to spend some time. Visitors will enjoy picnicking in the shade of a tree, admiring the environment all around. It is also a popular site for those who enjoy jogging or even a peaceful stroll as there are many paths to explore, around the ponds, fountains and statues on site.

Viharamahadevi Park is a delightful place to bring children to for a day of activity. In addition to the many open spaces that they will find for fun and frolic, the park is also home to a children’s play area where they will find hours worth of excitement. Being around nature and greenery will also be a learning experience for the young ones as they can learn to appreciate the outdoors. Visitors will also be able to capture beautiful photographs at the park, as there are many beautiful views to be seen, including the colonial style Town Hall building located besides the park. A theatre on the premises host many entertaining events for visitors to watch as well. The park is being revamped in October 2013, following which it will be an even greater site to visit.

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