Top Five International Beach Destinations Abroad


Planning an international beach getaway? Let us help you choose the most popular of beaches which you need to visit before you die. We have carefully studied, observed and handpicked these exquisite beach holiday hotspots depending upon various factors such as cost, climate, nature’s delight and entertainment.

Each holiday destination on our list promises to enthrall and amaze you to the fullest with an enriching blend of water, sand and paradise. So pack your bags and be ready to fly to world’s best beaches immediately after going through the below list.


Caribbean Islands are home to undoubtedly the most exquisite of beaches across the globe. The aesthetic views that Caribbean offers is bound to delight even the dullest of men. Apart from marvels of aesthetic blue water, glistening sand and exquisite sun set, Caribbean are well known for beach parties, carnivals and beach sports such as cricket, football and volleyball. Scuba diving and jet skiing can also be experienced across the expanse of Caribbean.


The beaches on the Hawaiian coast are bound to make you want to stay there forever. Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and beach carpets when visiting the Hawaiian tropical region. From plush greenery to eternal serenity they offer a mesmerizing canopy of soaring blue sky, ever radiant sun, calm running water and scintillating sand. Water sports such as surfing and boating are essential tools for entertainment.


Another well-known beach destination for vacation abroad is the coast of Miami, Florida located in the United States. Besides magnificent blue water one can experience entrancing crew dances, beach parties and pumping music. The best part about Floridian beaches is the sunset. Also camp fires and late night parties are some of the other delights it offers.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy beach at a relatively affordable price then we suggest Thailand beaches. Clean and well maintained by the government of Thailand, these beaches offer pleasant scenery coupled with peace and serenity. The USP of these beaches is Thai massages and masseurs. Easy and affordable, beaches in Thailand are a perfect choice for international foreign holidays.


Australian beaches have a penchant for cleanliness and thus, are popular globally for the same. The temperature is hot as compared to other beach countries. However, the climate overall is pleasant and soothing. Beach and water sports such as jet-ski, surfing, kite boating and parasailing add adventure and thrill to your holiday.

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