Luxury Hotels in Liwa Oasis


Sometimes, all a person needs is a quick dose of escape from the harsh realities and stresses of life. This is where a place like Abu Dhabi comes into picture. Unlike it neighbor, Dubai, Abu Dhabi isn’t filled with traffic snarls and too many tourists. Instead it is an oasis in the rich oil desert, with stunning landscapes and lesser commotion. Close to the city is the oasis of Liwa, a beautiful destination that overlooks enchanting nature views and luxurious accommodations. There are plenty of hotels in Liwa that serve a variety of services for different clients. If you are interested in refreshing yourself and your spirits, then this is the place you must try out.

Along with Liwa, you have an option of living in Hotels in Shah. Shah is a region close to Abu Dhabi that serves as a secluded romantic gateway for honeymooning partners and lovers. These two destinations are ideal for living luxuriously, yet staying in proximity with Abu Dhabi’s places of interest.

Hotels in Liwa Oasis are opulent and will lure you to try luxurious ways of living. With beautiful gardens, deep blue waters, spacious views, enthralling balcony views, pools, bathtubs and mouth watering, finger licking foods, these hotels ensure that you have everything but still want for more!

But if you thought that you would have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy these services, then you are absolutely wrong!

Hotels in Shah are known for their staggering amount of services and deals that they offer to their clients. If you are lucky or choose to book your hotel weeks before arriving, then you can actually get great discounts or even a free night stay. Prices of Hotels in Liwa and Hotels in Shah range from USD 120 to USD 300. Most of the prices are inclusive of buffet breakfast that is a blend of Eastern and Western cuisines. You are also offered complimentary drinks and even a cake if it’s your birthday. Plus, you always have the option of taking long walks amidst the beauty of waters and island.

Luxury hotels in Liwa make sure that your trip becomes more memorable. In fact, some of the best Hotels in Shah and Liwa provide you with tour guides on request who can take you to spas and massage centers for body cleansing and sculpting. If you are interested in spending dollars, then visit Abu Dhabi’s shopping centers which are located in close proximity to these places and you will be amazed by your ability to shop. Liwa and Shah’s hotels serve as hubs for epicureans as they have a long list of delicacies on their menus to please discerning palates of their clients.

Truly, these hotels redefine luxury and since they are away from the bustling city they enwrap you with calmness making these destinations worth trying!

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