Activity Holidays throughout the Year


For the majority of people, a holiday to unwind on will consist of lazing on a white sandy beach, with a good book and endless supplies of cocktails and continental cuisine. Doing nothing all day can be ideal for some, but for others, they will be twiddling their thumbs, itching to get up and do something. For these types of people, an activity holiday would probably be more up their street, as they will have days jam packed full of various things to do, from rock climbing to snorkelling. Whilst on holiday, people tend to be more inclined to try something new and experience something they wouldn’t usually at home. After all, the holiday of a lifetime should be bursting with exciting and different activities that stimulate your senses.

For those who prefer to go on active holidays, you will be sure to find somewhere in the world that will be able to satisfy your thrill throughout the entire year. Living the lavish lifestyle of constantly jetting off to different parts of the world to take part in a range of activities can be the perfect ideal for some. Whether this will be a long haul flight further afield, or a short haul to Europe, you will be spoilt for choice for the types of activity holidays you could go on.

The most obvious active holidays are taken during the winter, when millions each year pack their winter wardrobe and head for the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding holidays are loved by so many, and the February half term and Easter holidays are peak times for snow lovers to spend their days whizzing down the mountain. As well as this, you can always take part in other winter experiences; dog sledging, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

As the slightly warmer weather arrives, now is the perfect time to venture on a cycling holiday. Still being pleasant, but not too hot, cycling holidays are taking the activist by storm, allowing for weeks of discovering a country through nature’s way, and often a lot of the time, finding hidden gems that would not usually be found when on a corporate holiday. Croatia, a beautiful island in Eastern Europe boasts cycling trails, as well as the beautiful scenic routes, showing off its best beaches and highlands. For more information about cycling holidays in Croatia, visit

Throughout the summer, a recommended sport to do is to take to the waters. As the sun heats up countries in the Mediterranean, the coast oozes experiences and events for you to relish in. Boating is a wonderful experience, and can cater for those who have never taken part, or those who are a master of the seas. For thrill seekers, there are all of the obvious water sports; jet skiing, parasailing, wind surfing and water skiing are all offered on the beach. Or, you could try the more adventurous endeavour of scuba diving, and discover the life of the ocean.

Hiking holidays during the autumn months offer spectacular views, and scenery which will take your breath away. As with spring, the weather is slightly cooler, so spending long days in the sun doesn’t take its toll as much as it would in summer. Exploring the French Alps during this season allows you to see the remarkable mountains which reveal beautiful greenery when uncovered by the layering of snow which it is so recognised for.

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