How to Arrange a Romantic Weekend Getaway


We all work hard for most of the year, and by the time we reach the spring, our batteries need some charging, which is the perfect time to surprise your partner with a romantic long weekend in some cosy part of the countryside. The Internet is always a good source of information and with Google in your team, you can book a few nights somewhere nice and enjoy the natural beauty.

Potential Destinations

If you live in outer London, you are only a few hours from:

  • Yorkshire
  • Lake District
  • The Cotswolds

As you are not the only one who is planning to get away for a few days, make sure you book your accommodation well in advance. That isn’t to say you can’t make a last-minute booking, but it might take some searching. There is always affordable best bed & breakfast in Leeds, which is the perfect base for your weekend adventure.

Once the overnight accommodation is conformed, you can prepare your daily expeditions. A blend of sightseeing and country walks would work, while leaving some time to simply relax in a warm and cosy environment. If you are rained off, room service and a few classic movies will suffice, and with a glorious view of the English countryside, it can rain all day!

If you want to surprise your partner, find a way to make sure she has nothing planned for that weekend and she will love it when you tell her to pack an overnight bag as you are both off on an adventure.

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