Atlanta Drug Rehab


Are you looking for a reliable drug rehab center in Atlanta? Is your friend or family member close to the edge with dependence on drugs? Caron Atlanta, with our highly proven recovery and rehabilitation treatment services, can help.

We understand the complexity of drug and substance abuse which is why we go beyond the surface level when treating the patient’s addiction. We also address the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of our patients. Our Clinical and Support staff is welcoming, caring, motivating and continually inspiring to our residents.

Our Procedure

First, we help you examine and identify the root causes of your drug addiction. Next, we suggest innovative and healthy coping strategies to help you maintain your sobriety. . Our best advice is to leave your current environment to help you focus on the responsibility of living a drug-free life daily. Our goal is to always help our residents to reach a stage where they are 100% free from drug addiction. In line with this mission, we run diverse drug addiction programs depending on the individual needs of our residents.

Our Therapy is Evidence-Based

Our pride lies in our excellent evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment with a strong rate of successful addiction recovery cases. As a leading Atlanta Rehab Center, we have implemented quality clinical operations and innovative treatments to get patients back to the best versions of themselves.

Our services are comprehensive, multidisciplinary and tailored to help our residents both individually and groups. We have expert and experienced therapists that are versed in helping people struggling with addiction attain full recovery.

Our Treatment Options are Diverse

At Caron Atlanta, we’re equipped to provide drug addiction services to a wide range of individuals. We have specialized programs for individuals, families, teens, young professionals, and college students. We work with you to make sure your treatment program suits your needs, is aligned with your goals, and makes sense with your schedule and personal obligations.

By offering a blend of personal, family, and group therapies, we help our patients develop the tools and skills they need to remain addiction free. We also offer local events, educational workshops, and support groups that will help you resist the temptation to return to drugs, and will help you get connected to the recovery community in Atlanta.

Need help finding a drug rehab in Atlanta? Call us today. Let’s get Atlanta free from drug addiction.

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