Unique Service Offers at a Bali Five Star Hotel


When one visits a hotel, they always have expectations of the services to expect. To set themselves apart from ordinary hotels, Bali Indonesia five star hotels offer services that are unique to their hotels, ensuring that their guests feel valued and enjoy the five star service experience that sets the hotels apart from others.

With each and every new hotel coming up describing itself as five star for customer attraction purposes, truly five star rated hotels offer the best and unique services that their clients and guests would require.

Listed are some of the unique services you expect to enjoy at a Bali five star hotel.

1. Airport transport services

Highly rated Bali Indonesia five star hotels such as the Ayana Resort and Spa offer airport transport services to their clients. To enjoy this service, it is important that guests book a stay in the hotel prior to their arrival for easier planning and communication.

Airport transport services are part of the customer service offered by five star hotels. In addition, it creates the impression that the hotel values their customer by helping lower the hassles of getting to the hotel by taxi or other forms of transport.

2. Spa services

Bali five star hotels offer spa services to their guests. The Ayana Resort and Spa for example has the spa in its name. This ensures that guests are aware of what to expect once they get there.

Spa services are additional hotel services that enable hotel guests to relax and rejuvenate ready to face the world competently and confidently once their stay at the hotel is over.

Spa services in five star hotels are also preferred by outside guests as they are well rated and carried out by well trained professionals.

3. Wedding grounds

Wedding grounds and venues are another unique service offered by Bali Indonesia five star hotels. With large and elegant grounds, five star hotels provide beautiful outdoor spaces where wedding ceremonies can be held.

In addition to outdoor venues, hotels also offer indoor spaces that are elegantly decorated for the same purpose.

At the Ayana Resort and Spa, wedding grounds come with a panoramic view and background of the clear and tranquil ocean. Helping to make your special day truly special and memorable.

4. Spaces for socialization and networking

When companies have events in which they invite other members of the corporate world, these events are often held at five star hotels.

Preferred for their spaces and size, five star hotels offer different size spaces for different events.

With numerous bars and restaurants and swimming pool areas where a small group of people can gather for a short period of networking and socialization, five star hotels cater to diverse needs of their patrons.

For large groups of people and glitzy events, the five star hotels have large ballrooms that fit thousands of invited guests comfortably.

5. Shopping

Bali five star hotels such as the Ayana Resort and Spa offer opportunities for its guests to shop and access their money comfortably from within the hotel.

They have numerous shopping locations within them and ATM malls that guests can access their money from safely and securely.

Sometimes, the stay at a hotel can be too short for the guest to have any extra time to go out shopping. As a result, five star hotels offer opportunities to shop within adding convenience to their guests’ stay.

6. Field trips

For guests on longer stays, five star hotels arrange for fun and learning experiences. Often, five star hotels take their guests on field trips. At the Ayana Resort and Spa, guests can get to explore the ocean. In its location, the ocean is clean and clear. This allows guests ample opportunity to swim in the ocean and to interact and learn about the numerous species of fish and other sea creatures that can be easily found in the ocean waters.

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