Minivan Rental: Travel in Comfort to Your Next Sporting Event


If you coach or manage a sports team and you regularly play away from your home ground, why not consider renting a minivan to take you to your next game? If you’ve a full UK driving licence, you can rent a top of the range minivan and travel in style. You’ll find a variety of companies who rent vehicles in Wiltshire, so if you need a minivan in Melksham, you’ve plenty of options. A reputable rental company will allow you to hire an assortment of modern vehicles from some of the best car companies in the market, these include:

  • Vauxhall
  • Ford
  • Mercedes
  • MG
  • Nissan

You can hire any kind of vehicle for a daily, weekly or weekend period, making them perfect for one day competitions or events that are scheduled over a week.

Improve Performance

Travelling in comfort is important for your team, you want them to arrive at the event properly rested and ready to go. If they have to drive for a couple of hours in their own vehicle, their performance will suffer and so will the teams.

More Space

Ample cabin storage and cargo capacity mean you can find space for all the essentials. You won’t have to leave important warm up or cool down equipment behind just because it wouldn’t fit in the boot of your car.


Having one driver as opposed to 10 vehicles is a great way to save money for your club. In addition, you are lower emissions and helping the environment.

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