How To Choose The Best Tour & Trekking Operator In Nepal


The land of Nepal is full of Natural Wonders and Cultural heritage sites. It attracts and invites the lovers of Natural landscape and Mountain Trekking, from all parts of the world.

The countrymen in this part of the world also welcome the worldwide tourists and trekkers with open hearts. The peace, harmony, and hospitality and Nepalese people have made tourism a great source of the GDP of Nepal. There is another way to look at it as well, i.e.

it adds a great responsibility on shoulders of host Nation to live up to the expectation of the visitors from all parts of the world and set the standards in terms of exceptional tourism facilities, tour and travel services, infrastructure, safety and security of the trekkers and hospitality in general.

There are various Tour and Trekking companies which offer attractive tour packages to the visitors and magnetize them too for booking the Nepal trekking holidays or the trekking tour in Nepal.

However, it cannot be confirmed that how many of them follow the key tourism standards in terms of safety, security, facility, hospitality etc. for the tourists. In such a scenario, it’s very important for the tourists, especially the ones, who are visiting Nepal for the very first time, to check and make sure that their tour operators follows the basics of tourism facilities and standards or not.

If you are a relatively new visitor to Nepal you must ensure that your Tour Operator is not compromising on the safety and other key aspects in the name of affordable Nepal trekking packages. We advise you to select a well experienced, qualified, and reliable tour operator in Nepal, who takes all key aspects of trekking and tourism in to consideration, during your adventurous and exciting Nepal tour.

Asian Journey is one such local trekking company in Nepal, which can be well trusted and relied for a safe, secure, and enjoyable tour in this part of the world. With thirteen years of overall experience in tourism industry, Asian Journey has established a reputation of being one of the best trekking companies in Nepal.

The tourists and trekkers, who choose Asian Journey as their tour and trekking guide and operator in Nepal, get amazed with their high standards of service in terms of prompt response, first class transport facilities, high standards of safety measures for trekkers, knowledge and experience about local climate and conditions, qualified and experienced tour and trekking guides, striking yet affordable Nepal trekking packages and lastly the hospitality gestures etc.

If you are also planning Nepal trekking holidays or trekking tour in Nepal, you must ensure the above tourism facilities and standards while choosing your trekking organizer in this beautiful country

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