Everything You Need To Know About Immigration Medical Examination!


The United States is the first preference of the people who want to migrate to another country. Every year, a huge number of people are migrating to another country. Every time, it is not possible to have the visa. Sometimes, people have to face rejection as well. Gone are the days when the consultants based in the US can sanction the visa to the people. Today, the consultants out of the US are also offering the US visa.

In earlier times, people have to go to the major cities for the medical examination but today, they can get the medical examination in their own city. Let us know more about the medical examination immigration for expecting immigrants.

Each and every immigrant has to undergo a medical through the consultant approved medical doctor. A visa applicant should fix the appointment with the physician for medical examination. Always remember, a medical examination is valid for not more than 6 months. So, get it done accordingly, otherwise, you have to go through the medical examination again.

For medical examination, there will be two separate appointments on two separate days. In the first appointment, the applicant will undergo blood tests and radiographic examinations such as X-rays. The medical examination occurs in the morning session. The second session includes a review of the first day’s tests. Apart from it, a physical examination will also be held on the same day. All relevant investigations and documentation will be done on the same day. The panel physician can prescribe the required vaccinations also, if needed.

Laboratory examination:

An applicant should carry the valid passport and appointment documents to the laboratory. He/she should have all the vaccination records of the family. He/she should carry the 3- visa type pictures of the family.

Physical examination:

As I already discussed, if you are an applicant of diversity visa program, you should be carrying a valid passport with the notice of the interview date, vaccination and other medical records of each and every family member, at least one picture (Visa type) of each and every family member along with you. After this, you have to carry each and every document for the final interview as well.

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